What impression will people have as they walk to your front door? Will they feel welcome? Will they feel enclosed, safe? The entry to your home can reflect your attitude on hospitality and signal expectations.

Entry gardens are a lovely way to welcome your guests. These flowering Cherry trees and bone structure plantings below welcome guests all year round with seasonal changes!

The arbor and fence at this Menlo Park garden, provide a bit of privacy while still creating a welcoming feeling. Rosa 'Sally Holmes' smothers the fence.

Small properties often need to capture the front garden for private family space. Despite the gate, the open grill work says 'Welcome'!

An Atherton entry with a 'Four Season' border give interest all year.

This side garden entry used to contain garbage cans. We moved the fence back, added a new gate and lattice panels all around.

This bold entry design helps visitors locate the main entry of the home. Mediterranean plants are used to reflect the home's architecture and interiors.

Brick makes a bold statement in this Palo Alto entry. A 18" wall was created around the landing with bull nose steps for ease or use. The old entry had flagstone steps with iron railings and did not do the home's architecture justice.

This entrance in Danville reflects the owner's love of roses and is a wonderful greeting even before knocking on the door!

A dramatic use of stone in the walkway of this San Ramon home reflects the architecture of the home. The Olive trees and Mediterranean style planting set a warm and welcoming mood.

This entry meanders through the garden allowing the arriving guests to enjoy the daffodils.