The garden needs accessories just as your home or wardrobe does. Accessories are often what give the garden personality. Benches, bird houses, and birdbaths all serve a function and add style and beauty to the garden. And roses or vines winding up and around arbors, arches, trellises and pergolas can be stunning accessories!

The classic window box! What a beautiful garden feature both viewed from within the home and from the garden.

Remember to accessorize your garden just as you would a nice outfit! Accessories in the garden give it personality and reflect your style. Collect and display whatever makes your heart sing! This flea market find gives a sense of whimsy to this garden. Be sure to save some of your budget for benches, containers, birdbaths.....whatever you like!

Accessories give personality to the garden. Pots, benches, materials choices, pergolas, all add to the overall beauty and functionality of the garden.

Using existing family antiques can add charm to the garden. Here gates from the family's 1850 farm house in San Jose creates a new entry for the rose garden.

An Atherton garden with a lovely-carved bench waiting for a visitor.

Accessories give a garden personality and create focal points for the eye. Bird baths also welcome nature into the garden.

This beautiful hand-crafted gate is the perfect accessory to complement the design and hard-scape materials of this San Ramon home.

Pots in the lawn? Why not! These terracotta pots, planted with Meyer Lemons, add depth and perspective.