How will you move from one part of the garden to the next? Will it be a brick path or a trail of flagstone steps intertwined with Thyme. How you move about the garden is important to the overall feel and use of the garden.

When you are designing your garden, think about how you will move through the garden. A curving or winding path will create mystery and interest.

Hillsides and slopes present challenges in the garden. This path leads to a seating area at the top of the hill, providing breathtaking views of the Moraga hills. Without this path, the hill would be wasted garden space.

Paths create a sense of mystery in the garden. An unused strip along a Lafayette driveway now becomes an interesting entry to the home.

A beautiful but mysterious destination!

Create mystery by obscuring a path's destination. These Japanese Maples hide the vegetable garden just beyond.

Stepping-stones are a wonderful way to traverse the garden.

This shady path invites the stroller to explore other parts of the garden.

Traversing this steep hillside is made easier with this flagstone path and steps planted with Tyme.