What is your style? How does your home reflect your personality? Do you like the Bauhaus look, sleek and simple or are do you love the English cottage gardens? First understanding what you want your home and garden to reflect will help the Designer execute your wishes.

Your home's architectural style is a matter of personal choice. This family opted for a Nantucket cottage. The white fence and Rosa 'Iceberg' marching up the entry complement the home's style.

The best gardens are the ones that express the homeowner's personal style. This Danville homeowner, a well known artist, stained a checker board pattern on her small side garden patio. Note how the diagonal lines of the patio create a larger sense of space.

Let your personal style and taste dictate your garden's design. Here an Atherton homeowner wanted the feeling of an English rose and perennial garden.

After visiting many of the English Gardens, this Lafayette homeowner wanted to recreate a sunken garden with an herb parterre. We used a beautiful cut stone called 'Osage' and filled the paths with a matching gravel. We also added a sump pump!

The most successful gardens reflect the personal style and interests of the homeowner. For this sacred garden entrance, a bamboo arbor was used to give an oriental hint to the garden.