Screening the neighbor’s two-story house can often be a problem. By running the redwood arbor the length of the pool and adding a billowing Rosa ‘Cecil Brunner,’ a bit more privacy is achieved for the sun bathers!

Kids love to play ball in the front yard. This fence will keep the ball and possibly a child from ending up on a busy street and also acts as a pleasant architectural feature for the garden.

Adding the gate and fence, keeps the deer out and the gate can be locked when the homeowner is away.

With small children and a busy street outside, privacy and safety is important to the owners of this home. The Pittosporum Tenufolium hedge existed on the property. We cut into the hedge and created the gate and lighted arch. Now the kids have a safe place to play.

Walls don't need to be imposing. This 3' wall gives a sense of enclosure and keeps the small children from the street.

Fences are important for many reasons. Security, privacy and to keep those pesky deer out. This 6' wood fence keeps the dear out but does not obscure the house.