Is there a pool in your future or will a spa do? Fountains and ponds are also other ways to incorporate water into the garden. There is a style and size for everyone and with the new recirculating pumps, fountains and ponds are easier than ever to install.

The sound of water is a soothing and compelling element in a garden. It can block out traffic noise on a busy street or just create a gentle splash outside a dining room. This Moroccan fountain will soon be surrounded by Bougainvillea!

Something old is new again. This Lafayette family found this antique French fountain. Installing it in the entry gives a focal point as well as a pleasant sound of trickling water.

What to do with a small backyard and a house full of teenage boys? Add a pool! This 18'x24' pool set in a small back yard, accommodates all the neighborhood kids!

A terra-cotta pot from Colle Zione in Menlo Park was used to create this bubbling fountain in a small Piedmont front garden.

Water features, whether pool, fountain or pond, are wonderful additions to any garden. This Lafayette pool is a cooling oasis during the hot summer months.

The sound of water is always a soothing element of the garden. This simple wall fountain adds a pleasing sound to the seating area.

Many things can be used to create a fountain. This dark-blue glazed pot simply bubbles over in a gentle stream, drops into the rock mulch and re-circulates. Water plants were added.