Contrast can be pleasing to the eye and create interest. You can contrast color, texture, and form in your plant material. You can also create interest by contrasting your hard-scape materials such as slate, rock and flagstone.

Before you think flowers in the garden, think foliage! Variegated leaves of gold and green, gray and white, blue and green or red and green, give the garden vitality, contrast and texture.

The decorative tiles on the steps' risers add contrast to the Italian terracotta pavers.

A sunken boxwood parterre is a perfect palette for contrasting annuals that can be changed seasonally.

Contrast can be achieved in hard-scape materials as well. Here Sonoma Field Stone and Three Winds Buff flagstone are combined for an interesting effect.

Contrasting foliage of red, grey and chartreuse add to the enjoyment of this Lafayette pool-side garden.