Pattern is key to a successful garden. Fences, brick or stone walkways, parterre gardens and plant material, all help create focus and style in your garden. Pattern is also important if you view the garden from an elevated spot.

Isn't Nature amazing? Don't forget succulents in the garden. They are works of art and hold up well in containers and dry conditions.

The pattern of the lattice catches the eye and provides support for Rosa 'Eden Climber'.

By weaving a pattern with the Potato Vine, this long expanse of driveway seems more interesting to the eye. Simply string a design of plastic-coated wire on the fence. The wire is available at any hardware stone.

An adaptation of circle-in-the-square, the pattern of this small parterre is accentuated with Narcissus 'Las Vegas'.

Pattern becomes important when viewing a garden from above as exemplified in this sunken boxwood parterre garden in Lafayette.