Plants are meant to be touched and contrast is the key here. Fuzzy, smooth, spiky, glossy, or rough, combining opposites creates interest and depth in the garden. Bark is also a wonderful way to add texture and touch.

On this Atherton garden fence, interest is achieved by combining leaf texture, shape and color. Lamb's Ear, Rosa 'Sally Holmes', Nepeta fassennii, Dafodils and Pittosporum crasifolium crowd together.

Materials you choose can add texture and beauty to the garden. This dry stacked wall of 'Osage Orange' adds to the Tuscan feel of this home.

Layering textures; fine and course leaves with small and large flowers adds interest and depth to this garden path.

With children, Lamb's Ear is always a favorite. The Stachys 'Helen Von Stein' and Nepeta faassennii brush the strollers as they move through the garden. The Thymus praecox releases a beautiful scent as it is crushed under foot.